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The most important tip for those who wish to grow their hair long:
Stop going to traditional hair salons!

The commercial hair industry makes its money on short hair. Short needs to be cut more often, and the more haircuts, the more money. It does not stop there. Soon you "need" to perm and/or color your hair to make it look "okay." Not only is this damaging to your hair and scalp, but it is exspensive. You become a slave to your stylist and the trends of fashion. This is why most salons and hair stylists do not care if you want to grow your hair long. They will cut off what they want to cut and not follow what you instruct, unless you know of a hairstylist that you can trust to do as you ask, and there are some out there. So, stop going to traditional salons. This is the first and most important step toward growing your hair long.


If you are seeking a long hair salon or stylist in your area, go to our
Salon List. If  you do not find one there. Please let TILHC know. We will try to help you find one in your area.

Take it from the top, and give your crowing glory and healthy head start with a regular scalp massage. Before you suds up, gently massage your scalp with small circular movements using the pads of your fingers - not your nails. This will relax muscles and rev up your circulation to make sure your hair gets all of the nutrients it needs.
The numbers of hairs on your head depend on hereditary factors. Blondes usually have the highest head count, with an average of 120,000 hairs. Brunettes come next with about 100,000 hairs per head, and redheads have the least with approximately 80,000.

Each hair has a life span of about 2 years: then it's pushed out to make way for a new hair to takes it's place. The means it's perfectly natural to count on losing 70 to 100 hairs a day.
Hair grows about half an inch a month (faster in the summer than the winter). This means that your hair grows as average six inches a year at the rate of about 1/60th of an inch a day. Unfortunately your genes govern the rate of growth, so there's nothing you can do to speed it up.

If your growing your hair the average length it'll reach is 18 to 24 inches. However if yours never seems to get past your shoulders it probably means that your hair has a slower growth rate, and a faster replacement cycle than those girls with super long hair.

Hair ends have been around the longest and therefore have been through more wear and tear than the rest of your hair. Treat your long locks to a mild shampoo. Also trimming won't make your hair grow faster, it will make hair look fuller, and get rid of uneven edges.

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